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Stripping the bug


Stripping the 1972 VW Beetle. The adventure starts here. Completely stripping the Beetle. I had a storage space about 6 by 6 meter to dismantle the Beetle. There was no way back.

First I took out the electrics. An advantage is that a 1972 car does not have that much electrical parts.

Removing the front fenders from the 1972 VW Beetle. Next are the fenders and the hood.

Removing the rear deck-lid from the 1972 VW Beetle. Stripping the back side.

Removing the interior from the 1972 VW Beetle. Taking out the interior.

Lifting the body from the 1972 VW Beetle. The big moment taking the body of the pan.

The body of the 1972 VB Beetle. The end result. Everything is removed including the windows.
Update: 2011-07-07 20:55:34