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As time goes along I will place links to web pages that I used to build my Baja.

Kever Club Nederland

Kever Club Nederland Kever Club Nederland (KCN) is the coolest and biggest bug club in the Netherlands. Web page has news and a forum.

Link: Kever Club Nederland

Buggyclub Holland

Buggyclub Holland ABC (or Buggyclub Holland) started in 1974 and is a fun club for buggy owners. The web page has news and a forum.

Link: Buggyclub Holland


VolksForum Forum about all volkswagens.

Link: VolksForum

Hot VWs

Hot VWs Hot VWs is a magazine that got me hooked on the baja-bug.

Link: Hot VWs


Paruzzi For parts, several dealers in the Netherlands and mail order.

Link: Paruzzi

Jaap and Patrick Bergman

Jaap and Patrick Bergman For repair, restoration and parts.

Link: Jaap en Patrick Bergman

De kever start pagina.

Brouwer autoschade

Brouwer autoschade For repair, restoration and paint.

Link: Brouwer autoschade


Rustbuster Tools for bodywork repair.

Link: Rustbuster
Update: 2011-07-07 20:54:55